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BRC (British Retail Consortium) and ’IFS (International Featured Standards) are global standards for food safety. These certifications guarantee the quality and the safety of food products that are sold to consumers all over the world.

It is the international standard for the certification of Quality Systems. It guarantees that the central focus of the company is the customer with his satisfaction, the quality and the continuous improving of all the processes. Galantino has got the Quality Certification since 2002 (Csqa certificate n. 1024).

It certifies that the company has an environmental management system and is constantly pursuing the objectives of reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. Galantino obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2009 (cert. CSQA No 21435).

Organic Farming
Organic farming techniques respect the environment, using only natural fertilizers and avoiding any chemical product against parasites. It guarantees that in the products you cannot find any residue of these products. Galantino organic extra virgin olive oil is certified by ICEA according to the laws of the European Union and of the U.S.A. (NOP certification).

D.O.P. Protected Denomination of Origin
DOP certification is released by an independent organism. It guarantees the origin, the quality and the typicality of the extra virgin olive oil, which is produced following strict specifications and is analyzed before being bottled. Galantino is included in the DOP zone called “Terra di Bari – Castel del Monte”.