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Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. It is bottles immediately after the production and is the first olive oil of the new harvest. Very rich aroma of fresh olives, with grassy and flowery notes.

Bottled in clear glass, to exalt the look and the color of the oil, it must be stored away from heat and light.

Recommended for dressing salads, fish, vegetables, legumes, bruschetta.

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  • Origin: North of Bari / Apulia.
  • Proccessing: Within 24 hours of collection.
  • Milling: Granite stones.
  • Extraction: Cold extraction


  • Color: Golden yellow with olive-green hues.
  • Odor: Medium fruity
  • Taste: fruity with hints of fresh olives and grass, flowery notes

Serving suggestions
Seasoning of salads, vegetables, legumes, fish, bruschetta.

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