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Frantoio Galantino is near Bisceglie, a charming medieval town on the Adriatic coast, an ideal place for growing olives but also coveted tourist destination, center of entertainment and an important archaeological site.


The olives harvest is hand-picking on towels at the right stage of maturity from October 15 to December 31. Product quality is proof of the attention that is dedicated to olive trees and a modern system of pest attacks monitoring, in order to limit the pesticides use.


Washing and crushing with millstones, pressing and cold centrifugation, promote and enhance the taste and fragrance of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The 'oil, subjected to laboratory control and organoleptic test is selected and certified by Mastro Olive Oil.


The oil, stored in underground tanks in temperature-controlled steel, is packaged in elegant dark glass bottles, cans or ceramics, to keep its unmistakable taste intact.