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Recipes using Galantino Olive Oils: try here, enjoy at home.

Extra virgin olive oil is a divine gift : full of beneficial properties for our health and a wonderful way to enhance every dish. Extra virgin olive oil is the protagonist of our recipes. You will find different types, including classic oils, citrus oils and herb oils, served with various dishes. But you could also have fun in changing combinations, discovering how the choice of oil can make every dish unique and quick to prepare. If you would like to enjoy the original version of each dish, personally prepared by our chef, you are very welcome to visit us in Bisceglie, in the green fruit garden just next to our mill. Here, on request, we organize olive oil tasting by appointment, light lunches and lunch and dinner based on the Mediterranean diet characterized by light and healthy flavors. It will be an experience of taste and well-being, with one inevitable and delicious ingredient: our extra virgin olive oil.